koda architects hereford

KODA architects Hereford celebrates its first year in business 

KODA architects today celebrates their first year in business and is looking forward to another year working closely with existing and new clients across the region.

During our first year, we have been lucky to work on quite a range of projects across the region including many residential, ecclesiastical, conservation and repair projects as well as a number of commercial and developer led proposals. A number of our past projects are list on the portfolio page of our website but we look forward to showcasing some of new projects very soon.

KODA architect conservation architect Fred Hamer said: 

“Our first year has been a great success and we have really have established a foothold for an architects practice in Herefordshire, Cheltenham and Worcestershire, as well as Monmouthshire and Shropshire too. We have developed and made new relationships throughout the year and are looking forward to developing on these in the forthcoming new year”

This year we have been busy working on a number of projects through planning and technical drawing stage. We have been working closely with a number of other professionals. Next year sets to bring a hive of activity on a number of sites throughout the region as KODA architects are acting as contract administrators. Stay tuned to our Instagram page as we follow the progress of these projects until completion.