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Starting Your Church Reordering Project

Starting a church re-ordering project can be quite a journey, involving many, but  the team at KODA architects have a wealth of experience in planning and delivering a range of projects throughout the country. Generally, churches are suffering diminishing congregations, resulting in a lack of income. The effect is not only a diminished ability to serve the community but this affects the building and its maintenance. Before interventions are proposed within or outside of the building, the building must be able to house the people who will use it and provide safety, shelter and enhance the story of mission.

Conservation Architects at KODA Architects have planned church reordering projects in Cheltenham, Herefordshire and in Lincoln and pride themselves in a spirit of collaboration from start to finish. We have a proven method in driving forward development and achieving tricky approvals through faculty consent and consistory court. To find out more information on how to start on the journey of church reordering at your church, click on the links below.

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Planning a Church Reordering

KODA architects can assist in every aspect of planning your church reordering project, from initial concept through to onsite construction and handing over the finished article.
Planning Your Church Reordering Project
Getting Permission

Getting Permission

KODA architects can guide you through the process of obtaining permission for your church reordering project. Internal alterations through faculty consent and any external alterations through planning and listed building consent.
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Church Grant Funding

Church Grant Funding

Once you have a plan and permission churches often seek grant funding. KODA architects can advise on routes to church grants as well as other forms of revenue generation through creative activities during the development stages.
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The Next Steps

Once you have begun engaging with the congregation and community and you have started to prepare the statements of need and statements of significance you can then progress with discussions on how and what your church reordering project might be. This is something that every member of the congregation may have an opinion on and engagement with them throughout the process will be critical. KODA architects’ method empowers congregations to realise their ambitions for their building.

To provide improved services aiding missional development, most congregations look to include toilets and a space to prepare hot food/ drinks. In providing the basic of functions to these historic spaces, the building is transformed from a cold space which is irregularly used to a multi use space able to be used throughout the week for a number of different functions. More information can be found on the Church of England Website.

Your Building & People

Your Building & People

A key component of any church reordering project is the people. Without the people the building is empty. KODA architects prides itself with a community spirit in developing and planning a church reordering project.
Your Building & People
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Statement of Significance

Before proposing any changes to an important community building such as a church, first we must understand what is important about it. Its significance can both be an opportunity and a constraint.
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Statement of Need

As part of a sound reasoning and justification behind a church reordering project a statement of need must be prepared. Why do you want to change this building and who will it be for?
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Repairing your Church

Repairing your Church

Before installing new floors, new services kitchens and new uses to the building, the church may need repairs. Having a hole in the roof but a brand new floor may cause some issues. KODA architects Conservation Architect Fred Hamer has a wealth of experience in planning and delivering church repair projects across the country. Repair project can be large or small scale and carrying out little maintenance, little and often can have an cumulative effect on the condition of the building. KODA architects have a number of church repair and church reordering projects currently in Herefordshire and neighbouring counties and welcome informal advice with PCCs who about to embark on church repair and church reordering projects.
St. Michael and All Angels Church | Herefordshire

St. Michael and All Angels Church | Herefordshire

Repairs to this fine grade II listed church by Conservation Architect Fred Hamer.
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St. Mary's Church | Worcestershire

Located in Worcester, KODA architects are inspecting architects at St. Mary’s and have recently carried out a quinquennial inspection of historic building.
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Useful information

KODA architects conservation architect Fred Hamer has helped the Diocese of Hereford in developing a suite of resources to successfully and sustainable bring about change to church buildings across the diocese. Click on the links below for more information.


Mission and Mortal: Encounter Tool

KODA architects conservation architect Fred Hamer assisted the Diocese of Hereford in the development of the Mission and Mortar Encounter Tool to assist church buildings to become more sustainable. Follow the link below to find out more and take the survey. Once the survey has been carried out the tool will direct you to a number of helpful resources to aid you in bringing about change to your building and services.
Mission and Mortal: Encounter Tool

Crossing the Threshold

Created by the Diocese of Hereford, this newly updated resource is packed with 268 pages of advice, hints and tips for any group taking a community development approach towards adapting a church building for wider community use, while balancing the needs of existing worshippers.
Crossing the Threshold