KODA architects in Worcester, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire & Shropshire

KODA architects in Worcester, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire & Shropshire

KODA architects in Worcester, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire & Shropshire

Servicing a wide area, KODA architects in Worcester, Hereford, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire have a bespoke process when working with out private clients. We understand that transforming your home is something you may only do once, we are therefore committed to helping you realise your dreams. Every project is different both in terms of client requirements and site and setting. Outlined below is a summary of our process when approaching residential architecture. Our first step is to meet you and see your building/ land/ church etc.

Design Development and Planning

barn conversion herefordshire

Extension in Herefordshire

The careful consideration of materials is key to any project. KODA architects are well versed in working with both traditional and contemporary materials. We love the challenge of marrying the old and new together and how to balance the two together.

The project above is a house extension in Herefordshire where an oak timber frame and natural stone plinth course. Creating a strong contrast and much needed additional living accommodation.

KODA architects in Worcester and neighbouring counties. 

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Meeting and Briefing

Our first meeting is important not only to introduce ourselves but to see what you want to achieve through your development. It will allow us to see what the essence of your ambition really is. We will take our time to consider the proposal and challenge your thinking…

Do you really need all this space? Have you thought of a different type of cladding? What about this…

Developing the Design

The next stage is to get working on your project through our design process. We like to add value to every stage of the process and this is the stage where we really feel we can help. We like to challenge the brief and come up with new ideas through developing yours. Scrutiny of our thinking is welcome and over a coffee and (often biscuits) we discuss your proposal in depth.

Cost Control

Our process includes a tight understanding costs from the initial design proposals. At the start of our conversations we will ascertain your budget and working closely with cost consultants we aim to design proposals which are achievable.

commercial architects hereford

Gaining Approvals

The next stage is to navigate the planning system which sometimes can be a challenge. The team at KODA architects have a wide range of experience working with planning authorities across the country. Often planning permission isn’t required, take a look at this like : Do you need permission?

House extension hereford

Post Planning and Construction

Detailed Design

Once planning or other approvals are in place, the next stage is to work on the detailed design and production of information for the contractors to make our ideas become a reality. Often this would involve other consultants and we can make the necessary recommendations through our professional network.


Letting a contract with a builder can be daunting but KODA architects work closely with a range of approved contractors and were here to help you through the process. Helping a client through the construction is an exciting process not only seeing your project come to fruition but developing the relationships and seeing first hand the craftsmanship of the people we work with.

Cost Control

At each stage, we would assist you with control of costs as thing start to take shape onsite. Cost is a key consideration throughout the whole building process and our process can assist throughout the construction phase of the project.

Move in and Enjoy!

Moving in day is the best day! After all the challenges it’s time to enjoy your dream home, one that you have probably been thinking about for a long time.

Architects in Worcester

Architects in Worcester

Planning and coordinating the project as it evolves through the onsite works is very rewarding. KODA architects team offer a full contract administration service which controls the project throughout this stage of the project. We are able to inspect the work through the building contract, ensuring best quality whilst keeping an eye on costs and adapting the design should a problem be encountered. 

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What currently going on…

What currently going on…