KODA architects have a wealth of experience for planning and delivering Class Q Barn Conversions. We have recently been successful in a class Q Barn Conversion in Herefordshire as well as in neighbouring counties of Shropshire and Gloucestershire. 

Planning Permission

Formal Planning permission is not needed for the Class Q Barn Conversions under the General Permitted Development Order. Subject to a set list of requirements, some barns may be converted into offices and residential premises provided they meet the criteria set. The criteria list is quite long however the headline points are as follows:

  • The building is not listed;
  • The area is not in the a conservation area, national park or area of outstanding natural beauty;
  • The barn must have been in agricultural use on the 20th March 2013 or ten years prior to the conversion which ever is greater;
  • Once converted the finished building must not be greater than the original footprint;
  • The building must be able to be converted without any structural interventions i.e. no new footprints, floor slabs or load bearing walls;
  • No new significant openings i.e. windows and doors are permitted only ones to allow conversion.

Do I need an Architect?
In short – yes. As architects, it’s our job to ensure compliance with the legislation whilst maximising the design, getting the most out of the building. We can also assist with the additional information required including a structural appraisal of the existing building, landscape impact and submitting a certificate of Lawfulness to the local authority to ensure that your project complies with the order.

If you have a potential Class Q Barn Conversion and you would like to know more about our process and routes to convert the building, get in touch with us. 

Local Requirements:
Each local authority as an approach to Class Q Barn Conversion. As part of our process when approaching a Class Q application, we would seek out their requirements.

We have had a number of successful projects delivering Class Q Barn Conversion in Herefordshire and the neighbouring counties. For Herefordshire Local Requirements click here.