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Heritage Lottery Funding Awarded

KODA Architects Hereford are proud to announce that £600,000.00 of Heritage Lottery Funding has been awarded for extensive church repairs in Herefordshire.

Over the past 18 months, KODAs Conservation Architects in Hereford have been working closely with St. Michael and All Angels church in Kingsland and we can now say with pride that over £600,000 has been awarded to fund the extensive repairs to this fine Grade I listed, St. Michael and All Angels church.

The majority of the funding has been awarded from The Heritage Lottery Fund but the total is from the success of numerous applications to several funders. Repair works were scheduled to include reroofing the nave and side aisle as well as extensive repointing and stone repairs. Over the past few years, the roof has decayed to a point where water is now entering the building which in turn causes further problems to the historic fabric. 

KODAs conservation architects in Hereford have worked closely with the PCC to maximise the repairs and funding available to make this building more welcoming to the congregation it serves. Internally, the building is to be redecorated with enhanced lighting to maximise and highlight the space inside. 

Where we could, we have taken the opportunity to enhance  the buildings significance through reintroduction of missing gargoyles. For a number of years the gargoyles to the tower have been missing and all that remains are eroded stumps.

The works are set to commence onsite in the spring / summer and we look forward to keeping you updated as the project continues. 

Conservation repair works start onsite

KODA Architects Hereford appointed to oversee repair works  to a Grade I listed church

KODA architects are pleased to announce that conservation repairs have started onsite at a Grade I listed church in Herefordshire. KODAs Conservation Architects in Hereford are acting as contract administrators overseeing the repairs to the Smalman monument at St. James’ Church in northern Herefordshire.

It was found that the Smalman monument, which is located within the chancel of the grade I listed church, was falling away from the north wall. The fine marble and alabaster monument is held in to position with iron fixings but over a period of 150 years, these fixing had rusted and fractured the masonry behind. A faculty was petitioned to Hereford Diocese to strap the monument to the chancel wall as a temporary measure before funding could be sought to make repairs. 

Cliveden Conservation Workshop in bath, who specialise in fine and detail conservation repairs were appointed and works started onsite earlier this month.  The works have started with carefully dismantling the marble to unveil the iron fixings into the rubble wall behind. Once these fixings have been replaced with stainless steel, providing a mounting system which cannot rust, the fine marble carvings will be reinstated back in position with lime.

We will be making regular visits to site to monitor the progress of the repairs. Stay tuned our Instagram page for regular updates.