Appointed as advisor to Gloucester DAC

KODAs Conservation Architect has been appointed as advisor to Gloucester Diocese Advisory Committee.

Formally appointed by the Bishop of Gloucester last summer, KODAs Conservation Architect Fred Hamer joins Gloucester Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) as an advisor.

The Diocesan Advisory Committee is comprised of members and advisors from many sectors and specialisms. The group comprise members of clergy, architects, surveyors, technical members such as structural engineers, M&E consultants and others. Their role is to advise churches through church re-ordering and church repair projects and advise them on the best practice.

Gloucester Diocese has a wide and long reaching area and within such a wide variety of buildings, ranging from brick built Victorian churches with strong axial focuses eastwards and to the high alter to quaint Cotswold Stone chapels with Medieval paintings and less formal liturgical layouts. 

The challenges faced by churches today are more apparent with ever decreasing congregations and ever increasing repair and maintenance costs. KODAs Conservation architects in Gloucester have a wide range of experience working with churches and PCCs across the country to bring about careful and sensitive way. KODA architects are working with a number of churches across the region, check out our church reordering helpful guides. 

This furthers KODA architects commitment to preserving and carefully adapting our built heritage. Working with heritage instead of seeing it as a hinderance, brings about more meaningful architecture, one which is routed in a forgotten age.