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New Apartments in Hereford City Centre

KODA architects have submitted an application for nine new apartments in Hereford City Centre. The proposal is to convert a former 1960s office building into new self contained units complete with communal areas.

The building was constructed in the 1960s as a fruit and vegetable distribution warehouse, with associated offices and replaced a terrace of Victorian properties. In contrast to the terrace, the new façade boasted large windows which throws light into the upper floors. The design of the new apartments takes full advantage of the large windows, maximising light through the building.

The massing and front elevation is a testament to 1960s architecture. Formed of a concrete frame, tile bands feature below the large format windows adding colour to the once white frame. KODA architects proposed to retain the 1960s façade and through a series of repairs bring it back to its former glory.

Working with our developer clients, we seek to maximise the potential of each site. The advantages of this development were easy to see at the outset of the project. The new apartments are a stones throw away from Hereford City Centre, making the site highly sustainable, allowing the new owners to take advantage of Herefords amenities.

Our submission has been reported by the Hereford Times and locals have fond memories of the building and the people who used to work there. The applications gaining positive feedback, view a summary on:

Seven New Houses

KODA architects has submitted a planning application for seven new houses to Herefordshire Council.  Located in the north of the county, the seven new units add to the established settlement. The team at KODA architects have worked closely with our clients to maximise a sites potential. As a result it is our aim to add value at each stage of your project.

As architects in Hereford, our process of working closely with our clients define the project outcomes at the earliest stage. KODA architects like to challenge the brief to investigate different options to achieve a maximum output and return.

Director, Alex Whibley said “helping shape new communities and adding to existing settlements is a great opportunity. Our process at KODA architects looks at creating sustainable additions to settlements whether that be through renewable technologies, low impact housing and recycling where possible.”

As an architects practice in Hereford, we relish the challenge to maximise the site. Every site we work with is unique which we can take advantage of, through developing views, orientation or creating mixed use sites among others.

Our method creates a cost effective design solution which architecturally striking interventions. In addition an attention to detail and high standards both in design and delivery maximises developments. This then commands a premium when the units come to sale on the open market.

Maximising the site

The seven new houses takes full advantage of the sloping site as well as excellent views over the Herefordshire Countryside. The seven new units are positioned to to maximise solar gain and light in the winter months but offers shading during the warmer weather. 

Building in sustainability in to all of our proposals is a key design consideration at the start of every project. Legislation and our impact on the environment is always increasing and we must do our part to combat this. Building low impact housing can help achieve this goal. KODA architects can advise you on adaptation of your existing property or new build to reduce bills and maximise the potential of your site. 

To find out more about KODA architects process of working with our developer clients, please see


Seven New Houses in Herefordshire