Accommodation for vulnerable young adults approved

KODA Architects conservation team have secured planning permission and conservation area consent for the conversion of an underutilised Edwardian property to form accommodation for up to six vulnerable young adults.

The scheme will provide a vital service for homeless and vulnerable young adults and includes measures to restore the property by the removal of unsympathetic alterations. Furthermore the proposal returns period feature that had become eroded by its previous conversions.

KODA Architects worked collaboratively for the applicant and Housing Solutions with Herefordshire council and Environmental Health departments overcoming issues of noise and traffic pollution due to the buildings immediate proximity to a busy trunk road.

The proposal overcame concerns through implementing high performance acoustic glazing to the front façade and an innovative ventilation system to filter out airborne pollutants.

The Housing Solutions Team carries out prevention work which includes assisting applicants to find and secure their own accommodation. There have been a large number of cases in which homelessness prevention was successful in securing accommodation for vulnerable young adults helping them find their feet, find employment and in some cases kick addition.

We are extremely proud to have been a small part in delivering such an important local initiative, which has become acutely critical due to the effects of the on-going pandemic. Works are due to start shortly and we look forward to it opening its doors soon.

We would also like to thank M-EC Acoustic Air who recognised the importance of this project and carried out their consultancy work at a discounted rate. 

planning and conservation area consent
one of the elegant fireplaces being restored